Anže Blažič is a former sports journalist, public relations representative at the Basketball Federation of Slovenia and head of comunication of the EuroBasket U20 in 2012 and EuroBasket 2013. As a man of action, it is never to difficult to work all night for a client, and convince them with ideas for which he can prove his point every step of the way to achieve quality communication.

In his work, he has left a great mark in the field of knowledge and communication in sports and development of social networks, as well as a sense of organizing top-level events. With a great combination of youth and experience, he adores the organization of "ad hoc" campaings and he loves to search for creative solutions to communicate "outside of the box".
+386 51 616 685

MATEJ AVANZO partner, procurator

Matej Avanzo is a former senior basketball national team director and former marketing director at the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, one of the main organisers of the EuroBasket 2013 and former director of the Handball Club Gorenje Velenje. He is an international basketball delegate and member of the FIBA Europe Competition Commission.

Despite his youth, he has rich experience in marketing, communications and organisation and is able to persuade people, even those who prefer everything to stay 'the same as last year' to take new and innovative approaches. The founder of Sportanzo is a man of words and action, with a head for novelties and craziness, and an organisational guru with a good sense of reliable decision making.
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WALTER JEKLIN Sports director, adviser, partner

Walter Jeklin is a former Slovenian basketball national team player, sports director of Slovenia and Poland's senior men's national team and president of Polonia 2011 Basket Ball Club, the director of Zielona Gora Basket Ball Club, the Polish champions playing in the elite ULEB Euroleage in 2015/16, and the director of Basketball Club Sixt Primorska.

With his prudence and caution, Walter brings stability and responsibility, and with his great experience in basketball as a player and official, always comes up with good solutions. For him, organising sports teams is a piece of cake, and they are still looking for the right word in the dictionaries – Slovenian and Polish – for his great knowledge of sports.
+386 31 632 781

Andreja Potočnik Krajnik Project Manager

Andreja's Potočnik Krajnik life journey is connected with sports. She started as a youngster under the basketball hoops and after reaching her young adulthood she moved to Ljubljana to pursue a career as a sports journalist and an editor of sport web sites. She contributed to a radio programme at one of Ljubljana’s radio station, worked on the content for a football TV magazine “Nad nogomet” and studio program before Euroleague basketball games. She met the team of Sportanzo while working at EuroBasket2013, where she worked as a media liaison at one of the venues. She has had experience working for Football Association of Slovenia and during UEFA Euro Under17, she also gained invaluable knowledge as a graphic designer and worked on an European programme on waste management.

She has a holistic approach to new challenges and projects, which, when mixed with her communicative skills and excellent feel for an organisation, leads to original solutions for each customer. And as a woman, she represents one of the pillars of the team, to which she is devoted.
+386 31 383 703

Tjaša Pavlič Project Manager

Tjaša Pavlič has been in the sports for almost all of her life. In her youth, she trained and participated in many different sports, but basketball and skiing have always been her first love. She is still active in both of these sports - as a ski instructor and an assistant judge. She decided to study at the Faculty of Social Sciences, where she has graduated in journalism. However, because of her strong interest in business, she decided to continue her studies at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, where she completed her master's degree. At the end of high school, she began actively help at the Slovenian National Basketball Team's games and other projects involving basketball, including EuroBasket 2013.

During her studies, she tested her skills in writing various type of content for different media, but later she found out that her passion lies in organizing events with a touch of managing paperwork, and therefore she finds herself at Sportanzo.
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